Using a breast pump will help your baby get used to bottle feeding when she is away from home or help her avoid clogged milk that causes pain, even in cases where abscesses have to be treated with antibiotics, causing reduced or lost milk. The following article will guide you on how to use the breast pump most effectively.

How to use the breast pump properly

Read the instruction manual and get acquainted with the machine to use the breast pump properly

Wash your hands clean, making sure all pump parts are clean.

Place the suction cup on the breast. Hold the shield, not the bottle below, so you can adjust it as you wish. Remember to put the suction cup in the right place in the nipple, if it is wrong, pumping will become ineffective.

Milk usually starts flowing in two minutes. But with some types of breast pumps, you need to pay more attention because it has a special design. So you need to adjust the speed with the machine without automatic adjustment. It is very good that you actively change the speed accordingly, as long as it is similar to your baby’s feeding motion.

Find a comfortable and effective pace. You will notice that the automatic breast pump doesn’t cause any pain.

Sometimes focusing on the bottle can see how much it causes the flow to become blocked. So relax and relax as much as possible.

When the flow of milk slows down, the mother feels almost done, switch off the vacuum.

Store vacuum and milk after milking

Remove the suction plate.

Carefully remove the bottle, and put the stopper on the bottle.

Rinse the suction pad on the breast pump or any part of it that is sticky or touch your body with soapy water and warm water. You should learn more effective sterilization methods to make the best-sterilized breast pump.

Store the removable parts in a dry, ventilated place.

Keep the milk at room temperature for 14 – 16 hours. According to science, milk can be kept in the refrigerator for 5 days, especially if stored in the freezer, the milk can be kept for 6 to 12 months. If you want to store milk longer after milking, you can use a milk sterilizer to extend the storage time for better milk.

Some notes when using a breast pump

Read the device’s manual carefully before starting a test on your body.

There are two popular types of breast pumps, manual breast pumps, and electric breast pumps. A vacuum may not be as convenient as an electric or battery-powered machine, but it depends on your needs and economic conditions to make the right choice. See also: Should buy a manual or electric breast pump

Before pumping, you need to wash your hands and disinfect carefully the tools used during the pumping process.

Nipple funnels will come in many different sizes, if you feel that the funnel is too small or too big for your nipple, please call the manufacturer to request a more suitable funnel. When suctioning, the nipple end must be in the center of the funnel.

Moisten the funnel before use to make the funnel fit closer to the nipple.

Use a double breast pump (suck 2 breasts at once) to shorten your time. If you are using a single breast pump, swap both breasts constantly during the pumping process.

If you pump properly, you will feel soothing like a nursing baby. Further, if you experience any pain or any unusual symptoms, stop using the device, and consult a specialist.

Use baby formula properly

You should buy a mini-fridge just to store milk for babies after suction, if not possible, use a box with a tight lid.

Drink plenty of water and drink complimentary milk for mothers, eat enough 3 meals to add more fruits and vegetables to ensure the quality of milk for the baby.

If you use the breast pump properly, you can give your baby breastmilk up to 2 years of age while working normally without worrying about losing milk.

How much is enough for breastfeeding?

Many mothers have comfortable breastfeeding habits when they are free to breastfeed or others to breastfeed. But this may not be appropriate for the child’s development and adversely affect the digestive system, the child’s maturity. According to the formula for good growth, you need 150ml of milk / 1kg of weight. So depending on the weight of the baby that the mother should give the child the most appropriate amount of milk.

When using a breast pump, your baby will still be 100% breastfed even though you are not there. Not only that, but you can also breastfeed your baby according to the amount of milk good for your baby’s health. 

Hopefully, after this article, you will be able to use an effective breast pump, giving lots of milk. Currently, the types of breast pumps on the market today are very diverse, to buy a breast pump that best suits the needs of users, the mother should refer